Sunday, 17 February 2013

Review: Jordana Best Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara

Hello Everyone,

I recently made an order from Cherry Culture. With all the hype around this product lately, I decided to try the Jordana Best Last Extreme Volumizing Mascara. After reading so many good reviews I needed to give it a go myself, and let me tell you; it is amazing!

- cheap!
- lengthens
- volumizes
- extremely black
- long lasting
- holds a curl
- makes my lashes look fuller
- removes easily
- the wand is small enough to coat each individual lash

- the formula is slightly 'wet', however that is to be expected with any new mascara
- can be quite clumpy, however if you apply it correctly this problem can be solved

If you haven't given this mascara a try and have the opportunity to buy it (as it is not sold in Australia), I'd say go for it! For the price your paying it is definitely worth it, and I won't hesitate to say it's my new favourite mascara!

Where to buy from:
- CherryCulture - $2.99
- Beauty Joint - $3.44


  1. I did a review on this mascara too and I love it! and for the price you cant beat it!

    my blog is if your interested!

    1. I love it too!
      I'll definitely check your blog out now :)


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